Are we opposing God’s work?

So, clearly the month of August has been a tough month for writing (at least for me). There has been so much going on, and the winding down of Summer just means the gearing up of a million other things. However, recently I have been reading a lot about persecution, love, and forgiveness.

If we belong to God, if we are God’s children, we should not be those who persecute others. We are told to love our enemies, and pray for those who persecute us (Mt 5:44), so how is it that believers still think it is alright and acceptable to God to persecute other believers?

Unfortunately, there are those believers who persecute others simply because they maintain different interpretations of the Bible. This is not biblical behavior. They persecute and attempt to exert religious authority out of greed and jealousy. Sometimes they persecute because the targets of their persecution know something the persecutors do not. Their envy and hate lead them to try and destroy others instead of repenting of their own sins.

Are these the actions of one who truly belongs to God?

God’s word is truth (Jn 17:17), but there are two types of spirits working through people, the Spirit of truth and the spirit of falsehood (1 Jn 4:6).

If we persecute a person who has God’s word of truth, and whom the Spirit of truth is working through, who are we actually persecuting?
God, and the Spirit of truth.

If we are persecuting those who truly belong to God, are we carrying out God’s desire and working for His kingdom, or are we opposing His work?
Clearly we are those who are opposing His work

And since we know that Satan is God’s opposition (the name Satan actually means “Opposer”), then if we are those who are opposing God’s work, who do we truly belong to? We are not acting as children of God, instead we are revealing who our true father is (Jn 8:44).

We have to be able to discern between the spirits that are working through people. How? By their actions (Mt 5:44; Pr 20:11), and the fruit of their lips! (Pr 13:2Mt 7:15-20)

Have you experienced persecution (in any form)?