New Leather Boots

I read this on ShinchonjiUnmasked and really wanted to share it.

There once lived a poor boy, and though he was poor, it was no fault of his own. His father had been poor, his father’s father had been poor, and his father’s father’s father had been poor.

Upon his feet the poor boy wore tattered sandals held together with bits of cloth and twine. One day a traveling messenger gave him a pair of leather boots, new and sturdy.

With joy, the child pulled on the marvelous boots. But after a short while, the unfamiliar leather began to rub, and blisters formed on the boy’s feet. In pain, he pulled the gifts from his feet. In anger he cast them away. And with a smile he tied the old tattered sandals upon his feet once more. For though the new  was better, the old and familiar was more comfortable.

The messenger, watching unseen, sighed with sadness.

New Boots SCJ

Luke 5:39
“And no one after drinking old wine wants the new, for they say, ‘The old is better.’”

Credit: ShinchonjiUnmasked, “New Leather Boots”


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