God = the Word = Love

Today, in church, I was reminded of something that we have all probably heard before, but for some reason today it resonated deep within me.

The Bible tells us “God is Love” (1 John 4:8), and the Bible also tells us that God is the word (John 1:1). Through these two passages we can create an equation:

God = the Word = Love

That means that giving the word of truth to our friends, family, and those around us – leading them to study and come to understand the word of testimony – is actually the greatest way we can show them the love we have for them. If we truly love others, then we would want them to know, believe, and accept this word of testimony that is available to us at this time.

There are so many negative connotations with “evangelists” and those considered to be “Bible-Bashers.” But we should not be those who bring fear and hatred, fighting and anger, rather, we should be those who bring love and peace, kindness and joy. The fruit we bear should be the Fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5:22).

“The greatest gift God gives, is the gift of his Word”
~ManHee Lee

Let us be those who are born of God’s seed, His word of truth (James 1:18). And through our love for God and His word, we can bring the opportunity for love, joy, peace, and life to those we dearly love. What an amazing gift we can share with the world!

Gift of the Word - Shinchonji


5 thoughts on “God = the Word = Love

  1. Thank you so much for this article. There is nothing more that I want for my loved ones than for them to receive the word of truth from the promised pastor. This is my continual prayer that, not only my family members, but also my friends and those around me, would be guided and lead to the place where they can come to understand the word of testimony – and be given the highest teachings! I will forever be grateful for the person who invited me to study, because that was truly, the greatest way that person showed his love toward me.

    • Hi John14:29, I love to hear how others have been led to hear the word of testimony because it is always such a great display of love and dedication!
      Let’s keep praying for all our friends and family, and all those around us.
      Thank you for visiting :)

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