Quotes worth sharing

Over the past few months things have been really busy. There has not been much time left to blog, but I am grateful to all of those who still read, visit, and comment here on Healing Leaf. I pray that we can all be leaves that are used to heal the nations (Rv 22:2).

I have stumbled across a bunch of quotes that I thought are all worth sharing. Enjoy!

“Love can unite people in purpose, culture and peace. Ultimately it has the power to unite the whole world.”

“No one should think of the Bible or God’s word as a joke. Only people corrupted by Satan can think that way. Since Jesus, the prophets, and the apostles all shed their blood for us, no one should consider God’s work some sort of simple game.”

“We are in the midst of a war. In times of war soldiers are needed most. Soldiers should act like soldiers. If you don’t know the word you should study it, even if it means losing sleep.”

“Pray first before doing anything. Do not worry about it alone. Pray with all your heart for even the smallest thing, Pray for justice and righteousness. Do not try to do it on your own, trusting in your own strength is denying God and the angels. If God helps, you can do it. Continue to pray so that you understand this. God does the work!”

“We must become living martyrs and overcome the world and the devil. By extension, we must even overcome ourselves.”

I really love this last one:

“My dear friends, whenever you get tired and feel that the weight of your cross is too heavy, remember the one who is cheering you on! It is heaven. The roar you hear in the distance might be traffic, it might be wind, but it might be the cheer of the spirits that have gone before us, urging us onward. Look at our teacher and work for the day when the final cheer we hear marks the end of death. Here’s to the victory of our God drawing nearer each breath we take!”



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