Testifying to the Truth and Shinchonji

Members of Shinchonji have been coming out and writing their testimonies to be shared with the world. This one particularly caught my attention:

Shinchonji Unmasked: Member’s Exposed, “Testifying to the Truth and Shinchonji”

Here are more testimonies written by many different Shinchonji members.

“These members are from different countries, different cultural backgrounds and different previous religions and beliefs. Despite our differences we are members who have firmly found our hope and truth in the teachings of Shinchonji, delivered to us by the one who overcomes as promised in the book of Revelation, Mr Man-Hee Lee. With the word as our anchor and absolute standard, we have heard, and verified every word that has been spoken, so now intend to testify according to the truth.”

Shinchonji Unmasked: Member’s Exposed



One thought on “Testifying to the Truth and Shinchonji

  1. If u really know the God, we should know the Bible, cauz there are many words he wants us. and we can know what will be happened.

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