A summary of God’s promises and their fulfillment: PART 3

The New Testament promises and their fulfillment

Jesus, who fulfilled the Old Testament, made prophecies about future events in the New Testament. Among other places, Matthew 24 and the entire book of Revelation are well-known as prophecies concerning the second coming.

The prophecies of the New Testament are all fulfilled at the time of the second coming. These prophecies describe two battles that take place between God (the spirits and flesh who belong to him), and Satan (the spirits and flesh who belong to him).

When the pastor and group who belong to Satan wins, he takes control of all of God’s possessions (God’s tabernacle, Rv 13) – this is the first battle that takes place. When the male child and his brothers fight and overcome the dragon (Rv 12:11), God wins and Satan’s world is judged and brought to an end – this is the second battle.

God’s new kingdom is then established – the Twelve Tribes of New Spiritual Israel (Rv 7:4-8; Rv 14:1-4) – through the pastor promised in the New Testament (Mt 24:45; Rv 1:1-2; Rv 2:26).

This is a message to all Christians who believe in Jesus. Let us not become like the people of the past who refused to believe in God’s covenant. Let us obey the words of the new covenant so that we can receive forgiveness for our sins and become a part of the 12 tribes of God’s new kingdom established at the time of Revelation’s fulfillment – the end of the age, the second coming.

This is God’s objective for us throughout the Bible, for us to attain salvation and eternal life.

Those who hear the testimony about the fulfillment of the New Testament prophecies and refuse to believe them are no better than the Pharisees at the time of the first coming, who ultimately lost the right to be called God’s children and chosen people (Mt 21:43).

Let’s be people who verify again and again the fulfillment of the prophecies, believe in that fulfillment, and are forgiven so that we can attain salvation and eternal life!


One thought on “A summary of God’s promises and their fulfillment: PART 3

  1. Amen! Thank You Lord for Your Son, and for the the one who fulfills the NT prophecies! We are so blessed to be alive at this time, words cannot express the gratitude we have to You for revealing Your Truth to us! We love and live You alone!

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