“Speaking the truth in love”

I have not be able to blog at all recently, things have been a little busy, but here is a quote that I really wanted to share with everyone quickly:

“How can you claim to love and believe in God, whom you cannot see, while you do not love and trust the people around you? Does that make sense? God is logic and truth. We must love one another and work closely with one another. We must be honest and not lie. Instead of harming others by lying, we must speak the truth in love.”

Lots of lies are spread over the internet. Often we don’t even realize the lies that we are reading and taking to heart as truth. We, as people, are so quick to ‘jump on the band wagon’  and follow what everyone else is doing and saying, instead of seeking out the truth for ourselves.

I urge everyone to seek the truth from the only true source (John 17:17), and to test everything you hear and read against God’s word (1 John 4:1).

Have you been guilty of ‘jumping on the band wagon’ and believing lies, instead of seeking out the truth?


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