Will we have faith in the fulfillment?

Our faith does not hinge on history or believing in what has already taken place, our faith hinges on believing in and accepting the fulfillment of prophecy.

Luke 18:8 says,

“…However, when the Son of Man comes will he find faith on the earth?”

2000 years ago, at the time of the first coming, the Pharisees and Jews said they believed in God, but they didn’t believe in Jesus. Therefore, they didn’t truly believe in God either. The Spirit of God dwelt within Jesus (Mt 3:16; Jn 1:32), and seeing Jesus was like seeing God (John 14:9). By not believing in the one that God had sent, the Pharisees and Jews were actually turning their backs on God and refusing to accept Him.

In John 13:20 Jesus says,

“I tell you the truth, whoever accepts anyone I send accepts me; and whoever accepts me accepts the one who sent me.”

God sent Jesus at the first coming. The Spirit of God was with Jesus, and because of this Jesus spoke the words of God, giving God’s message to the people – the lost sheep of Israel (Mt 15:24). Jesus did the things he saw his Father doing (John 5:19), and the words he spoke were not his own, they belonged to God (Jn 14:24; Jn 17:8). Because of this, believing in and accepting Jesus, was the same as believing in and accepting God.

In Revelation 1:1-2 we see the process of making the revelation of Jesus Christ known to all believers. This revelation starts with God and finally reaches the group of the ‘servants’. How does this actually happen?  The sealed scroll starts in the right hand of God (Rv 5:1), who then gives it to Jesus (Rv 5:6-7). Jesus opens the scroll (Rv 6 & 8), and gives it to his angel to take to Apostle John (Rv 10:1-2). Apostle John then eats the scroll (Rv 10:8-10), and testifies about Revelations’ fulfillment to the group of the servants (Rv 10:11).  Apostle John is sent by Jesus, and he is the one who gives Jesus’ message to believers.

Who is this Apostle John figure? The book of Revelation is a book of prophecy. We are those who need to understand the fulfillment of those prophecies today. We have to find the one who is like Apostle John, the one who is sent by Jesus and comes in his name.

We have to find the one who can testify about everything he has seen (Rv 1:2), who has ‘eaten’ the opened scroll (Rv 10:10-11), and who has overcome (Rv 2-3). Then we will find the one whom Jesus has sent to give his message to his servants (Rv 22:16).

Have you ever had a hard time believing in something that felt impossible?


2 thoughts on “Will we have faith in the fulfillment?

  1. What’s interesting, and extremely sad, is that there are hints towards the possibility that the Pharisees actually did believe in Jesus as the Messiah. They simply didn’t want to give up their own authority and power in order to allow Him to take His place. The biggest hint towards this idea is in Luke when they pay the soldiers at Jesus’ tomb to lie about what actually happened when Jesus resurrected.

    On another note, I would say that in addition to finding that person who is like the apostle John, we should become like the Apostle John. We should strive to be the one who has seen and eaten the Word of God and can now testify of what we have seen.

    • Hi Matthew,
      I think it is really interesting how John actually tells us that some of the leaders of the time (those in leadership positions) actually believed in Jesus, but they lived in fear of being put out of the synagogues, so they never confessed their faith (John 12:42-43).

      As far as being able to testify about what we have seen… the only time someone can testify in court is when they have actually witnessed something, only then is their testimony valid.
      The only time we can testify about the fulfillment of the prophecies is if we have witnessed the actual physical fulfillment, OR if we have learnt and understood the testimony from someone who has witnessed it first hand.

      We are told in Revelation that Apostle John sees all these things and records them, so when the role of Apostle John is fulfilled, he will be the person who can testify about the physical fulfillment of the prophecies in Revelation, because he has witnessed them.

      Happy New Year! I hope you have a truly happy and blessed 2012.

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