From “sealed” to “revealed”…

How does God’s word of truth go from being sealed to being revealed?
We have to understand Scripture to know how that which was once sealed is finally revealed, and where we have to go to receive the revelation.

In Revelation 5:1 we see the sealed scroll in God’s right hand. No one is found worthy to open the scroll, until the Lamb appears. Jesus, the Lamb, then takes the sealed scroll from God (Rv 5:6-7).

In Revelation 6 Jesus opens six of the seven seals, and in Revelation 8:1 the seventh seal is opened. Now the scroll, that was once sealed, is revealed. However, it is still in the spiritual realm, somehow the revealed word needs to be received in the physical world.

So, Jesus makes it known in the physical world by sending his messenger, his angel, down to earth with the opened scroll (Rv 10:1-2).

The angel then gives the opened scroll to Apostle John and tells him to eat it (Rv 10:8-9). Once Apostle John eats the revealed word, he it told to testify about it, to many peoples, nations, languages and kings (Rv 10:11).

The figure of Apostle John is the one who receives the revealed word and has to give the testimony of the fulfillment to the servants (the peoples, nations, languages and kings).

In the summary and prologue of the book of Revelation we see the same explanation of how the revelation travels:

Revelation 1:1-2

“The revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show his servants what must soon take place. He made it known by sending his angel to his servant John, who testifies to everything he saw—that is, the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ.”

How does the revelation, or the ‘revealed word’ travel? It starts off with God, who gives it to Jesus. Jesus then makes it known by sending his angel to Apostle John, and we can see that the ultimate destination for the revelation is the servants.

God → Jesus → the angel (messenger) → Apostle John figure → the servants

If we want to receive the revealed word we have to know where to go to get it. The fulfillment of the Apostle John figure is the one who receives the revealed word from heaven and then gives it to the servants (other believers).

Let’s be those who are blessed by hearing and taking to heart what is written in this book of prophecy (Rv 1:3b), by receiving God’s revealed word of truth. Now is the time!


2 thoughts on “From “sealed” to “revealed”…

    • Hey :) how you doing, Jon? it’s been a while…
      I have been so so behind on not only my blog reading, but my actual blogging… wow!
      Been really busy with Bible studies and stuff like that, so haven’t had time to blog, but I miss it.
      Hope your week has been going well~

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