Unplanned break from blogging…

So, it appears as though September was a surprise vacation from blogging for me. It is not that I didn’t want to blog…it is more the fact that I didn’t have a free moment to sit down and write anything.
[I plan on blogging in October again]

I wanted to share this quote as we go into the last few months of 2011:

“We are running a race of faith. What are we running for? We must run a race of faith that God acknowledges. If we are running according to our own deeds or our own decisions, it is not true faith. We must always remember that we must run the race according to scripture, the word of God.”

Wishing everyone a happy and blessed October and end of 2011.

Let the winds blow!

How was your month of September?


2 thoughts on “Unplanned break from blogging…

  1. My September was also really busy. I think it’s a really busy time of year (haha, and October is just as busy!) It’s like a really fast marathon and then December is a time to relax. :)

    • I keep telling myself I will have time to blog and get everything done tomorrow… and then tomorrow comes and I say the same thing…
      Vicious cycle!! Argh
      Hoping to get back in the swing of things soon…or I guess I will just have to wait for December :)
      Hope you are well, Flameheart

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