Something to ponder…

“God allowed the blood of his son to be shed.
What was his hope as he did that; what does he expect from you?
These are things that you must consider carefully.”

This is another great quote I read recently. It really made me think and reflect on myself and my actions. We have to become walking Bibles.

Instead of using God’s word as a weapon to judge and condemn others, what is it that we should be doing? What is expected of us?


12 thoughts on “Something to ponder…

  1. That would be wonderful to be able to be a walking bible to my lost friends and family. All I can do is to be a good example of a Christ follower. To walk like Jesus, to talk like Jesus, to lead other to the Saviour if possible.
    May He give me wisdom and joy !

    • Amen! In order to be walking Bible’s we have to have God’s word written on our hearts and in our minds. Those who have God’s word of truth have to be a light to others.
      I pray for wisdom too!

  2. Thanks HL for sharing this. It gave me a soft bang.
    Following Christ is the most challenging journey of this life, Of course i am not expected to be perfect but being a Christian you double the effort to be Christ-like especially in these times when there are so many temptations and angst around. For myself, I live a just life, sensitive to the feelings of others and always calls God to help me ‘walk what I talk’. I believe I could not do anything without his grace and divine providence.
    Thanks again

  3. I agree, Earlie, without God’s grace and mercy we are nothing.
    Following Christ and his teachings is definitely challenging, but the blessings we receive at the end are worth so much more than we could ever imagine.
    Thank you for you kind thoughts, always a pleasure hearing from you!
    Have a great week

  4. Instead of using the bible as a weapon against people, we should use it as a weapon against the devil. And more than using the word as a weapon we should use it and study it for the purpose to get to know God more and to let the Word really transform our life in a way that our ways and actions will change. We can be hearers of the Word, but we need to be doers as well.

    Great blog and good posts, I like it, and I will for sure drop by again.

  5. I think what we should be doing is 1. Loving God and 2. Loving others. If we’re doing those things right, then all those other things such as obedience stems out of it. I believe that everything should be out of love, especially when you disagree. It’s about realizing there is a way to say things, and understand that’s God’s grace is there.

    • Wow, yea I agree. In fact if reminds me of John 14:23 where Jesus says “If anyone loves me he will obey my teaching…”
      Everything we do should stem from love!
      Great thoughts :)

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