Love and Forgiveness

Today’s post is going to be short. I read a quote the other day that moved me so deeply I wanted to share it with everyone. Here it is:

“Since God is love, if we belong to and are born of God, we will love as God has loved us. Those who do not love are proving that they do not belong to God (1 Jn 4:7-10). We should be eternally grateful for the righteous blood that has been spilled to pay for the sins of the unrighteous. There is no greater love than this. If we understand this love, we will also love one another (1 Jn 4:11).
What is the point of being forgiven of all the sins in the world if we cannot forgive the minor sins committed against us (Mt 18:23-35)? Those who refuse to forgive others prove that they are as wicked as the unbelieving beasts who are ignorant of the love and forgiveness of God.”

We were supposed to die because of our sins, but God’s great love saved us from the punishment of death. Jesus laid down his life to redeem the world of its sins, and he promised that those who forgive others will also be forgiven (Mt 6:14-15).

Jesus sacrificed his body to save his kingdom and people. Let us also dedicate ourselves to loving and serving others for the glory of God’s kingdom.

Have you ever struggled to forgive?
Do you have any quotes that move you deeply?


3 thoughts on “Love and Forgiveness

  1. What an awesome blog, my friend!

    This whole forgiveness thing has become a theme in my life recently. I just wrote this blog yesterday:

    And one of my dear friends, who writes with me quite often, will be posting one soon called “Love Those Who…”

    To be honest, my greatest struggle is forgiving myself.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    I’d love for you to be a “guest blogger” on my site sometime soon. Can we connect? Email me at


    • Hi Steve, I would love to connect and be a guest blogger! You have a great site yourself.
      I am heading out of town for the weekend, but will be in contact as soon as I get back early next week.

      I agree, the hardest challenge we face is usually dealing with ourselves – forgiving ourselves, dying to ourselves, trusting ourselves… it is hard work!

      Thank you for your kind words, and I look forward to connecting!
      Have a great weekend

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