Language of Heaven

Every country has its own language, and in fact, even those countries that speak the same language have their own colloquialisms or phrases that are native to them.

As Christians, we want our citizenship to be in heaven (Phil 3:20), and just like other countries and places of citizenship, heaven has its own language. Can a person function well in a country if they don’t understand the language at all? Can one obey all the laws of that country if you don’t understand the language?

When Jesus came he said everything to the crowd using parables, he used this figurative language – the language of heaven. However, when he was alone with his disciples, those who truly belonged to him, he explained everything (Mk 4:34). His disciples received the explanation and knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of heaven, but those on the ‘outside’ did not (Mt 13:10-11; Mk 4:10-12).

Jesus admits to speaking figuratively, however, he promises a time when things will be spoken of plainly, when those things that have been hidden will be revealed (Jn 16:25). God designated another time to explain all the secrets of the kingdom of heaven. There is a time for it to be sealed up and closed, and there is a time when it will be opened and revealed.

“He replied, “Go your way, Daniel, because the words are closed up and sealed until the time of the end.”~Daniel 12:9

If you went to visit a friend, but their house was locked and they were not home when you got there, what would you do? Break into the house, or wait until they returned, unlocked the house and invited you in?

In Isaiah 29:9-13 the scroll of the Old Testament was sealed. Nobody could understand it. The proverbial house was locked. In Habakkuk 2:2-3 we are told that the revelation awaits an appointed time. There is an appointed time when the book will be opened and revealed, when what was impossible to understand, will become plain.

When Jesus came at the time of the first coming, he brought the revelation of God (Mt 11:27). In order to know God you had to go to Jesus. This was the appointed time, when all the prophecies in the Old Testament could be explained, because the fulfillment had come. The master had come, the house was unlocked, and those who wanted to come in could.

However, there is a time the master locks the house once again and leaves, but not before promising another Counselor (Jn 16:7), and a time when what was sealed in figurative language will be understood plainly (Jn 16:25).

In Revelation 5:1 there is a scroll sealed with 7 seals in God’s hand. This sealed scroll gets given to Jesus, who is the only one worthy to open the scroll (Rv 5:7). The scroll gets given to the mighty angel who takes it to Apostle John in Revelation 10. Apostle John is told to eat the opened scroll, and then speak to all the people and nations (Rv 10:8-11).

Once again God shows us a sealed scroll, like in Isaiah 29. It can only be opened by the one who sealed it, and since Jesus spoke figuratively at the time of the first coming, sealing up the secrets of the kingdom of heaven, he is the one who has to open the scroll at the appointed time – the time of the second coming. Once the scroll has been opened, Apostle John has to give the revealed word to the servants (Rv 1:1-2).

Instead of waiting for the master of the house to return and unlock the house, people have been breaking and entering, creating their own interpretations, understanding, and teachings.
We need to hear the explanation of the fulfillment before we are able to understand clearly, just like the Ethiopian eunuch in Acts 8.

We have to learn how to distinguish good from evil, the truth from the lies. We have to be mature believers.

“But solid food is for the mature, who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil.” ~Hebrews 5:14

Have you ever been locked out or your house? 


4 thoughts on “Language of Heaven

    • Thanks for stopping by Steve (and leaving a comment) :)
      I don’t want to be locked out either. I want to part of the ‘insiders’, those who know and understand, so that I can be invited in when the owner returns.
      I have, however, been locked out of my house, and my car before… not so much fun…

  1. Yep…I’ve been locked out of my house many a times. I’ve even broke in one or two times haha.

    Still, I don’t want to be locked out spiritually speaking, either.

    • Being locked out is not fun!
      Spiritually speaking, if we understand the figurative language and can see what God’s plans, purpose and will is, then we can work and act accordingly, which means we won’t be locked out…we will be working for God’s kingdom…so we need to keep seeking understanding and the true explanation of God’s word.

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