Words can be used to hurt, or heal

Curse, or bless

They can give life, or bring death

Give understanding, or create confusion

Words can be truth, or lies

We are warned so many times about the devil’s deception and his lies, yet somehow we think we are above it, and have “nothing to worry about.”

There are different era’s throughout the 6000 years of the Bible’s history. In each era the people had to follow specific instructions and commandments. In each era God’s people had a covenant to keep. In each era God sent His messenger to lead His people (Adam, Noah, Moses, Joshua, and Jesus).

But what about us today? What about the era that we are living in? What covenant do we have to keep? Who is the faithful and wise servant Jesus promised to send us, the one who will give us food at the proper time?

There are two types of believers. Those who don’t think it is necessary to understand what is yet to come, all the prophecies in the New Testament and the book of Revelation. And then there are those who realize that it will be difficult to believe and have the correct faith if we don’t understand what is yet to come and the signs of the end of the age.

Which type of believer are you?
Whose words are you listening to and accepting?


4 thoughts on “Words

  1. It is so true! Life and death is in the tongue! We need to be more careful about how we use that power! It is our job as Christians to bring life and to speak the Word of God to our generation.

  2. I would like to fall into that latter category! I never want to become lazy in my spiritual walk that I justify that it’s okay for me not to understand the entire Word of God!

    • Hi Jon, I agree, it is so important for us to realize now is the time to understand who whole Bible, all of God’s word! If we don’t, we can’t be the true light of the world.
      Let us not become complacent and arrogant in our thinking.

      Hope you had a good weekend so far!

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