Some thoughts…

What attitude should we have when coming before God’s word, when we are reading and seeking understanding of the Bible?

The Bible does not belong to the earth, and it is not the thoughts of men. It is the only book ever written that can honestly claim to be all God-breathed
(2 Tim 3:16). We are only able to understand it when God, who gave us the word, teaches us, until then we cannot fathom the depth of God’s will through our own interpretations and physical experiences.

We should come before the scriptures with the same attitude we would have if we were face-to-face with God. Reading God’s word is the same as hearing God’s voice and what He is saying to us, it is the same as looking at God. If we do not have this mind-set, the scriptures are of no value to us.

We have to approach with word with fear and trembling in order to meet the God who wrote Himself into the scriptures. 

Today we can sit comfortably, with as many Bibles and translations as we please, but only because of the prophets, Jesus and the apostles, who gave their lives to pass it down through the generations. How did the martyrs feel as they shed their blood for the sake of God’s word? How did God feel as he watched the heartbreaking death of the martyrs?

We have to understand the heart of God, His will and how to fulfill His purpose. Have you ever wondered why we are the ones who sit in this amazingly blessed position that we are in today. We are not called to die, being martyrs, but rather to be “living martyrs”, offering ourselves as living sacrifices to God, so that we can know and carry out God’s good, pleasing, and perfect will (Rom 12:1-2).

Have you ever had your heart broken?
Do you think we can ever relate to the heartbreak God has experienced while watching His chosen people betraying Him throughout the history of the Bible?


8 thoughts on “Some thoughts…

  1. Great post! We need the leading of the Holy Spirit to truly understand the Word of God! I also like your reference to the ‘living martyr’ ;). We need to give our lives to Him whether that leads us to death or not.

    • I thought you might like the living martyr reference, Matthew…what a great blog title (and a great blog) you have!
      I agree, we need to give our lives back to the one who gave us life in the first place.

  2. hi,very nice writing ,yes it belong to the true faith and relation with god ,
    sometime we just read our holly books as it is a routine duty or else

    to get real peace and deep effect on lives we have to concentrate on the meaning and the lots behind the lines,

    god bless

    • I agree with you Shabana, we have to look deeper than just reading the words, we have to seek true understanding.
      Thanks for stopping by, hope you have a good weekend my friend

  3. Hi healingleaf,

    When i try to understand and learn wisdom from the bible. I always have to open my heart and be humble that everything there is God’s personal words to me and for my own good. It’s my way of listening to God’s truth and revelations.

    • Hi Earlie :)
      Yes, it is so important to remain humble. I was reminded of what the apostles and martyrs had to go through in order for us to be able to read God’s word so easily. They did everything in their power, and eventually died for the Word. What a blessed position we are in today because of their sacrifice.
      I also believe that we can only turn to God’s word in order to learn what His will and plans are, so He can teach and guide us.

  4. Great post HL,

    I’ve haven’t necessarily had my heart broken. There’s been other things that were more worse, but I’m thankful for God’s grace and constant presence in my life!

    I don’t think we can ever fully understand the heartbreak that God feels. Although, it’s my prayer that God breaks my heart for what breaks his, there’s still that human part of me there. It’s a work in progress;daily dying to self.

    • Oh no Jon, sorry to hear you have had horrible things to deal with, but like you, I am glad we have a faithful God who never changes and whose plans and purposes we can rely on.

      I like your sentiments/prayer. If we are God’s children we should what the things that our Father wants, we should want to carry out His will. That often means dying to oneself, taking off the old and putting on the new! ~ easier said than done… :)

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