An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips.

~Proverbs 24:26

Would you rather hear an honest answer, even if it hurts, or nothing at all?

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8 thoughts on “An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips.

  1. Honesty is definitely one of the key foundations of my being. I am always honest (although I’m sure I’ve deviated from this sometimes. Not perfect) and I expect honesty in return.

    However (and this is a big however), I find it very difficult to be honest in a harsh way. I’ll be honest in the nicest way possible. Sometimes, if I have nothing nice to say, I just won’t say it. It’s hard to tell people things that may hurt them emotionally . Those same things can be said in a much better way that is more encouraging. Not sure if this is the right thing to do, but I tend to do it…

    • Honesty is so important, yet there are so many people who would rather keep hearing the ‘lies’ than actually deal with the truth.
      I agree that if there is a kind, gentle and loving way to be honest, then that is the way to go… however, there are situations when sometimes a little harsh reality check needs to take place. As long as you remain supportive and encouraging through those times, I don’t think there is anything more valuable than a friend who is willing to show you the error in your ways, and stick by your side even when the going gets tough.

  2. Hi Healingleaf,

    I always love honest people, but i am a bit uncomfortable to tactless ones. There is always a better way to tell someone the truth in a more acceptable and sympathetic manner. But generally ‘honesty is still the best policy in life’.

    within each of is a tendency to embellish the truth in order to impress others. whether on a job resume, interview, or in casual conversation, exaggeration comes naturally-but we pay the price. small lies usually grow larger as we try to avoid discovery. then we wonder how we ever got ourselves into such predicament.

    but david mccasland has a more simplistic approach:’if we genuinely care about people, we don’t need to try to impress them at any cost’

    • Hi Earlie, I also love honest people, but sometimes I think there are moments when we just want to be told what we want to hear (instead of being told the truth).
      That is a good quote, and so true.

  3. Honesty is important. I would rather people be honest with me, than hear something that isn’t the truth. I think, especially within friendships, honesty is so important and probably determines which ones are actually genuine. However, I think it’s much harder for me to be honest at times. I think it’s because I’m reserved, and I like to stay away from confrontation–and sometimes the truth isn’t pretty!

    • I must say that I sometimes find it really hard to be “brutally” honest. I worry about hurting people. I am not all that afraid of confrontation, but I just don’t like to upset or hurt others, and like you said, sometimes the truth isn’t pretty!
      That being said, I really appreciate those who can be honest with me (in a kind and appropriate way). A stupid example, but like when you are in public and you have something stuck in your teeth and you are talking to everyone…I would appreciate someone tactfully letting me know I have half my meal stuck between my teeth. It might be embarrassing at first, but it is WAY better that way rather than finding out when you get home later on… :D

  4. I reckon hearing the truth, no matter how painful it may be is always the best… how are we ever going to correct outselves or fix the problem if we are blissfully unaware of our faults???
    At the same time, there are certain things that should be handeled with care, and if you love somebody – like we are all called to do… love everyone!!! – then you are meant to cover their faults with your love… that’s not to say you should lie to them, but approach them in the correct way, face to face and in private to talk about the problem! Exposing peoples flaws to everyone is never something done out of love… if you love someone you want to protect them!

    • Hi LL, it is so true the love is supposed to cover over all faults…but it is much easier said than done… :)
      There are always things we need to work on in ourselves, and having a friend who will gently help you out and support you through it all is such a blessing.
      We really need to work on having the same characteristics as the one in whose image we need to be created in!

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