The life is in the seed

“I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God so that you may know that you have eternal life.” ~1 John 5:13

When I was younger I used to love ‘planting’ black beans between two layers of tissue and cotton wool, watering them, and then watching them sprout. It never ceased to amaze and enthrall me. Unfortunately these sprouts never made it to mature plant-hood because the fun part was watching something that appeared to be dead (the dry bean) turn into something that was living (a mini plant).

The life is in the seed! If you plant an apple seed, inside that seed is everything that is needed to make a perfect apple tree, which will produce perfect apples.

We were created in God’s image and likeness (Gen 1:26-27). God’s word is the seed (Luke 8:11), and we – our hearts – are the field (1 Cor 3:9). We should make sure we know what God ‘looks like’ according to His word, because if His seed is planted in us, we should be growing into His image and likeness.

“For you have been born again, not of perishable seed, but of imperishable, through the living and enduring word of God.”
~1 Peter 1:23

Did you try growing beans when you were younger?
Do you enjoy gardening and growing your own plants?


19 thoughts on “The life is in the seed

  1. I remember when I was in grade school, I used to plant beans as part of science class. Love the analogy that you use here with the seed. We need to constantly water that seed by continually being in His presence.

    I don’t have much of green thumb, but my mom sure does!

    • Yea, I am not to good at gardening either, I have discovered it is a serious talent (sadly I have to admit to killing quite a few plants in my lifetime – not purposefully…but still, clearly gardening is not my ‘thing’)

      Watering the seed planted in us is of the utmost importance! Deut 32:2 is a great verse when talking about ‘watering’:)

  2. YES! i loved doing that as well! although I was a horrible “parent” to my poor little seedlings and they usually died shortly after they sprouted.
    I actually tried gardening for a while too… think i grew tomato and radish :P haha.
    Short but very precise post HL! thanks for putting it in such easy way to understand.

    • Hi LL, this post was actually slightly inspired by you, and one of your comment-replies to me on your blog (about the seed and being born again)…

      Glad I found someone else who also tortured bean plants in their youth, haha :)

  3. hey these are the most amazing things which makes me feel alive and related to my creator,

    i used to see my grandpa and then my mom doing this all my childhood and teens,
    and now i am in love with it,now days i am also helping mu younger son in studies with its practical presentation,beautiful post

    • Thanks Shabana :)
      I agree, watching things grow – the creation and maturing of life – is an amazing thing to witness. I love Spring for this very reason!
      You sound like a wonderful parent.

  4. Loved gardening when I was young. It was amazing to watch the seed sprout and bring forth something worth having.

  5. Growing beans is very fascinating. I tried when I was younger but I think I lost patience. I’d love to try again. Any gardening is really theraputic and it’s so worth it to watch seeds grow.

    It’s very thought provoking. It reminds me of a story I heard about a job interview.

    I think it goes something along the lines of the boss giving each person a seed and asking them to grow it and bring it back. When the follow up meeting came up, all of the men had grown beautiful plants but one man couldn’t get his seed to grow. He brought back an empty pot.

    Turns out he was the only honest one, because they weren’t real seeds to start with. Everyone else had cheated by buying a plant!

    • Oh, that is a great story! I have heard it before, but I’d forgotten about it til now, and since you reminded me, it would actually go really well as a “Part II” of this post… :)

      You should start growing some beans this weekend… I’m thinking of giving it a try again – I used to love doing it so much. Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Thanks be to God His seed is in me!
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