Beware of Identity Theft this Easter!

I thought I would share this since Easter is only a month away (which feels really late this year)…

These photos were sent to me in an email, so I created a short slideshow. I am not sure where they originated from, but they are really cute so I thought I would share them.

Do you have any pets?
What are your favorite Easter candies?


20 thoughts on “Beware of Identity Theft this Easter!

    • Hi Janene, so glad this lifted your spirits!
      Thanks for stopping by :)
      (for some reason your comment got marked as spam, so I only just saw it now…sorry about that)

    • Hi Bill, I am with you on the chocolate sans coconut preferance!
      Glad you enjoyed the cartoon, made me giggle, so wanted everyone else to giggle with me.
      Thanks for visiting! :)

    • Hey Living Light, so pleased you popped over to visit, I have been enjoying your blog!
      Glad you liked the slideshow, those photos were too cute to keep to myself.
      Much love ~

  1. The video is such a delight and thanks for sharing it!! You should have seen the smile on my face too, I love the title and it’s good Easter message!

    • Hi Sandy, sorry for the late reply, only just saw your comment now (for some reason it got marked as spam) :(
      I hope your cat doesn’t terrorize your fish, hehe!
      Seen you around on some other blogs I read, thanks for visiting!

  2. Love it! The first cat pictured actually looks like our cat Gem (short for Gemini). A couple of those rabbits looked at their doppelgangers with a bit of suspicion. Too cute though!


  3. The video was great. Thanks for making it and sharing it too. :) I have 3 dogs (1 pomeranian & 2 chihuahuas)and a cat. This is the lfewest number of pets my husband and I have ever had.

    • Thanks TT, it was my first “moving making” endeavor, so I’m glad it turned out ok :)
      I really miss the company of a dog, they are so much fun to have around. They could also teach us humans a few things about selfless, unconditional love!
      Thanks for visiting, it’s an honor to have you stop by!

      • you miss the company of a dog? hmmmm I have a budgie… that is a small parakeet. His name is Apostle John.

  4. Hi Namunip, great name for a budgie, haha (the most beloved disciple)! I have had a few budgies, they are beautiful little birds.
    Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend :)

  5. Dig the video and the Plain White T’s song :) I have a dog (a westie) named Yogi. Love the little rascal…he’s really spoiled.

    O and did someone say chocolate? I love the chocolate and peanut butter eggs.

    • I love westies, they are so cute!
      Glad you enjoyed the video. I’m a fan of those chocolate and PB eggs too…mmmmm…
      Have an awesome weekend, give Yogi an extra tickle :)

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