Who are you looking for?

The other day I offered to help out a close friend of mine by picking up one of his friends from the train station. It was a last minute arrangement, so I only knew what time I had to be where, and not much more. I drove to the station, parked, and went inside to wait. I had forgotten how big that station was, and I was just starting to realize I had no idea who I was looking for when a mass of people flooded onto the platform. Now what? I had heard all about this guy, but I had never seen him before, how was I going to recognize him?

This scenario made me think… Was my situation that day similar to that of the Pharisees at the time of the first coming? If I had seen a photo of this guy before going to pick him up at the station I would have recognized him, things would have been much easier. The difference between my situation and the Pharisees’ was that they had all the information that they needed. There are hundreds of prophecies about Jesus in the Old Testament, from his birth, to his ministry, to his death and his resurrection. So why did the Pharisees still not recognize him? They had a very detailed description of their Messiah.

You are not going to recognize the fulfillment if you do not understand the prophecies (the description)! Just knowing what the prophecies say is not enough. The Pharisees proved that. They diligently studied the scriptures that testified about Jesus (Jn 5:39), and they read the words of the prophets,the  prophecies, every Sabbath, yet still they did not recognize the one who fulfilled all those prophecies (Acts 13:27).

Today, we have been given a detailed description of Jesus’ return. All the parables and prophecies in the New Testament tell us about the kingdom of heaven and Jesus’ second coming, with a whole book of prophecies (Revelation) concluding the Bible. We have the ‘photo’, the detailed description, but do we really know who we are looking for? Are we going to walk straight passed, ignore, or even persecute the one who comes in the name of the Lord (Mt 23:39) because of our ignorance and lack of understanding? We have to understand the prophecies to make sure we recognize the fulfillment.


6 thoughts on “Who are you looking for?

    • Amen!
      I am always amazed at the fact that since the Pharisees and teachers of the Law were waiting for God, when Jesus came they did not accept him, and therefore did not receive life (and kept all their followers (those in their synagogues) from accepting Jesus as well – Mt 23:13).
      We are waiting for Jesus’ return, but using the history of the Bible as an example and warning (1 Cor 10:11) we have to make sure that we really understand the prophecies concerning his return…otherwise we will be no better than the Pharisees at the first coming (who rejected their Messiah because it was not who they were expecting).
      Thanks for checking out my blog, I have been enjoying yours!

  1. Great post! When it comes to understanding God and His Word, Faith is the highest form of reason. For a person can know what is in the Word of God, and still be inwardly blind. Ultimately, the bottom line comes down to faith and obedience.

    • Hi Mark,
      I agree, faith is so important, but blind faith can also be dangerous. Believing because we have been told to – not because we understand. It is like being in a state of hypnosis. A person truly believes that they are eating an apple, they have been told it is an apple, it smells like an apple, it tastes like an apple, but because of their state they do not realize that it is actually an onion (I saw that once in a hypnotists comedy show).
      Anyway, I think that too often people just believe the things that sound like they make the most sense to them – or things that suit them – instead of really seeking understanding of what the Bible says.
      Faith is so so so important, but knowing and understanding has to come first – we do not want to be those who are blindly following (Mt 15:14)

      • Mark, I just read my reply again (which I have corrected), and realized that it could have come across as an accusation…when I was totally just trying to refer to the general Christian population (myself included)!
        Please accept my apology for this possible miscommunication.

      • No apology necessary. I agree that one should not accept anything willy-nilly; even if what they are told comes from a reputable man/woman of God. My “Faith as highest form of reason” reference was based on Romans 10:17. We as Christians need to read and study God’s Word in order show ourselves approved. I probably should have expounded on my reply.



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