How do you like your chocolate…wrapped or unwrapped?

Each physical country or nation has its own language, so have you ever wondered if there is a spiritual language for God’s spiritual nation? Aren’t there passages in the Bible that you just don’t quite understand? And many think asking questions is a sign of weak faith, so maybe you have never questioned the things you have not understood properly…

God has told us that there are things hidden in his Word. Matthew 13:35 (which is the fulfillment of Psalm 78:2) says, “I will open my mouth in parables, I will utter things hidden since the creation of the world.” Here we see that things have been hidden (no secret that there are secrets). In fact, in Matthew 13 alone, Jesus refers to the secrets of the kingdom of heaven 6 times, but how can they be secrets if Jesus is talking about them so freely in public? Matthew 13:34 tells us that Jesus did not say anything to the crowds without using a parable. This is how the secrets of the kingdom of heaven remained secrets – it is because Jesus was speaking in parables, and parables are what God uses to hide his secrets.

You can think of it like a chocolate that is still in its wrapper. The only way to taste the chocolate is to unwrap it. The wrapped chocolate has been given to you, but if you just put it in your mouth like that you cannot taste anything. However, we have also been given the ‘tools’ to unwrap that chocolate, and so when the time comes to eat it we can unwrap it and truly enjoy what was inside the wrapper the whole time.

The parables are the wrapper, inside is the true understanding of God’s secrets (the chocolate), but we can’t get to that unless we do the unwrapping (seeking the truth). Our ‘unwrapping tool’ is the Bible, which, when opened and explained to us, gives understanding (Ps 119:130). This is not a literal understanding, but an understanding of the figurative language God uses to hide his secrets.     

There is another reason why understanding the language used in the parables is so important. Hosea 12:10 says, I spoke to the prophets, gave them many visions, and told parables through them.” What do prophets do? They prophesy! From this scripture we can see that prophecy is written in parables, in God’s spiritual (figurative) language – take the whole book of Revelation for example. If we do not understand this figurative language how are we going to understand the prophecies, especially those that apply to us today?

Over the next few posts I will share what I have been taught. I hope and pray that you will continue to read. Let the unfolding of God’s words give light (Ps 119:130), and let that light and truth guide you to his holy mountain, to the place where he dwells (Ps 43:3).


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